The High Spin washing machines by Mentasti are studied expressly for treating textiles and knitwear in particular, fully electronic (they eliminate waiting times and all kinds of manual actions by operators) and with an extremely flexible software that gives an infinite range of possibilities to handle with extreme care and precision the treatment of a knitwear garment. Machine "2 in 1" (over 1000 RPIV) eliminates the water extracting mc.).
Drum with special drills and flaps.Diameter of drum increased (wider and less deep) to increase water extraction. Peristaltic pumps for an automatic dosing of the soaps and chemicals. Inverter PLC to be connected to a PC to exchange and insert data and personalize recepies.
Mentasti tumble dryers are built with the same philosophy of Washers. Precise mechanics and total electronic controls guarantee excellent results in this delicate phase of knitwear treatment - stainless steel AISI304 components - 1 motor with Electronic Frequency Control (inverter)- microprocessor with functionment time - temperature, time residual humidity - hydrometric sensor- automatic reverse of drum- special drum with anti-shock drills- potentiometer Soft-Spin- anti-wrinkle system.