New Opening K2_ThuPMUTCE_May+0000RMayPMUTC_1C1

New opening of a 800 ma facility for show room Laundry equipment, stock and service.

New calander for pressing technical textiles K2_FriPMUTCE_April+0000RAprPMUTC_1C1

New calander for pressing technical textiles (medical elastic bands, seamless etc). Return of garments in the front. Vibrating area.

MENTASTI: new laundry equipment and tumble dryers K2_ThuPMUTCE_March+0000RMarPMUTC_1C1

MENTASTI plans further investments in the production of hi-tech Laundry equipment, for the premium and super-premium market. Shortly a new range of tumble dryers will start full production.

January 2015 - New ST221 K2_ThuAMUTCE_January+0000RJanAMUTC_0C1

January 2015
First pressing uncurling machine ST221 enters officially in production. This is the first pressing machine over 2m width (2,20), for large knitted panels.
Mentasti intends this year to have the largest range of first pressing machines available in the market.

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