Steam Generators

Steam Generators

Mentasti  proposes steam generators that can feed at best its finishing machines.

From a small steaming line, to a single machine, to a complex and large package of equipment that requires steam, we have a suitable solution.

Our boilers are divided in 2 families:

-Electric boilers: compact, non invasive (in terms of building infrastructures), to be positioned near the machines, they are ideal for small spaces and/or when accessing  other combustion sources (gas methane etc.) is impossible or not so convenient.

-Gas and Diesel boilers:  ideal for plants of bigger dimensions, our boilers (dai 50Kg. ai 2000Kg.) guarantee an excellent performance thanks to a series of upgrades in the concept of the generator that allow always better efficiency, and a very high durability. On our generators we generally assemble Riello burners, but other brands can be ordered as well, according to customers specific requests.