MENTASTI S.r.l. is a firm of great traditions in the Italian textile machinery manufacturers.
Since 1911 the firm has started the construction of plates and cardboards electrically heated for pressing, followed by tables, boilers, calanders and pressing machines progressively more sophisticated and automised.
The reason of its success along the years has been creativity, innovation, the research of systems that could satisfy the needs of a growing market, and the requests and expectations of every single customer.
The goal to create machines that could combine ease of use, better working conditions, energy and cost saving, and production increase, in the total respect of quality, has led to new and universally recognized solutions, such as ergonomic machines with very steep inclinations, mobile and automatic frame systems for the sizing of articles, the respect of measurements, and a considerable reduction of operating times.
Mentasti has surely helped the industrial pressing and finishing to reach levels of efficiency and productivity indispensable for the industry of the year 2000. It is present, with its production, in the tinest knitting mills in the world.
Its image of pioneer and innovator has always generated pride, and commitment for the years to come.